Genre of the Week: The Competitive Foursome

Salut Salon:  Photo taken by Stephan Brending. Source:

Germany has its place in history as far as music is concerned. We have our share of componists and conductors of classic music, like Haydn, Bach and Beethoven. We have our rockers, like the Scorpions and Die Toten Hosen. We also have our accapella groups, like the ones we presented last week with The Wiseguys.

Then we have a quartet of ladies, armed with strings and a piano, whose main purpose is to show off, and make the audience laugh, like this piece to watch, entitled Competitive Foursome. Enjoy this work, people! 🙂

This piece was one of many produced by the likes of Angelika Bachmann, Iris Siegfried, Sonja Lena Schmid and Anna-Monika von Twardowski, also known as Salut Salon. Formed in 2002 in Hamburg, the name of the group originated from a combination of Edward Elgar’s work, “Salut d’amour” and their regular concert at a music-literary salon in Eppendorf, the suburb of Hamburg during the 1990s. At that time, the quartet featured Bachmann and Siegfried as well as Simone Bachmann and Ameli Winkler, as the original founders of the group.  Salut Salon’s taste of music is a combination of classical, jazz,pop and tango music with some acrobatic talents and some puppets in the mix. Apart from this feature song, they have produced several albums and individual pieces. Many of them can be seen via YouTube, which you can click here to subscribe.

This piece has it all: four ladies approaching the stage and competing to see who is the better one at the beginning: first the celloist and then the voilinist. The pianist follows and lastly the second voilinist. In the end, they make the best out of the classics, as you have seen in the video clip above. Seeing the clip for the first time, the first impression was it can only be done from Germany because of its high quality of music produced, with some showing off of their struts and strings. As you listen to the piece again, as well as other pieces from the group, you will find the group as an opportunity to drown into some music and indulge into some laughter and awes with their acrobatic acts.

While the group has received many accolades, this piece has been added to the Files’ Genre of the Week as a pure example of how music can be produced and spiced, impressing even those who have never heard of the group before, let alone listen to classic music as much as they should.  If one would like some more evidence, here is a 40+ minute concert/documemtary on their successes, with the ladies showing their flower power, musical style. Enjoy! 🙂

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