Genre of the Week: Dub Poetry on Auto-Correcting Humanity

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Originating from Jamaica in the 1970s, dub poetry is on par with slam poetry in terms of popularity today. With a focus on political and social topics, dub poetry uses rhythm and music in a form of rap, reggae or hip-hop to address a message to the public. Dub poetry is a you love it or you hate it genre, just like goat cheese. It just takes a poem to determine your preference. 🙂

And this takes us to another Genre profile and this time on communication. Not just in a form of phone booths and free calls to ask for God’s prayer, as seen during a cross-country Christmas trip last winter. It is amazing that America has phone booths still.  It has more to do with iPhoning. Whether it is with a Smartphone or an iPhone, this phenomenon, once having gained popularity five years ago, is becoming the key aspect in life today, as almost all of population of adults in the US and Europe owns this portable device that has multiple functions, whereas 80% of all owners use this device as a means of communication instead of having a social conversation in person.

And this takes us to this dub poetry, entitled “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.” Performed by an unknown rapper, the poem takes you to the world of iPhoning and what can be done to put down the device and take on a traditional role of talking to people directly. The film and poem both speak for themselves. Have a look at the video and ask youselves the following questions:

1. How often do you use and/or communicate with people with the iPhone/Smartphone?

2. Do you feel isolated when you communicate with the iPhone/Smartphone?

3. Do you feel the need to just take a break from the iPhone/Smartphone and if so, why?

If you feel that your device is dominating your life, then perhaps you need a break from it. After watching the video, you might even consider it right away. After all, devices can be replaced, people not. Think about it.

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