Germany Quiz Nr. 5: What to Know about Mecklenburg-Pommerania (Germ.: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

The Baltic Sea Coast at Zinnowitz at sundown. Photo taken in 2011
The Baltic Sea Coast at Zinnowitz at sundown. Photo taken in 2011

Mecklenburg-Pommerania- a hidden jewel in Germany. Many people consider the northeasternmost state, which borders Poland to the east, Brandenburg to the south as well as Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein to the west, to be desolate, with many dying villages, abandoned industries, and fewer but older people. It is understandable for thanks to the pre-1990 industry disappearing combined with the constant emigration of people ages 30 and younger, the state, with 1.6 million inhabitants, has the sparsest population per square kilometer (69 inhabitants per square kilometer) and the second lowest population in all of Germany. This does not count the three German City-States of Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin.

But Mecklenburg-Pommerania does have one shining light, which attracts people to this region more than in other regions along the Baltic and North Seas. Apart from its shipping, tourism is the primary industry for the state, as the state has led the country in terms of visits and lodging. In 2012, the state set a record for the number of tourists in the season, which starts in April and ends in October, counting the shoulder months.  What makes Meck-Pomm so attractive is for starters:

1. The state has three national parks, making it the state with the most number in Germany.

2. Two of the cities, Stralsund and Wismar, are World Heritage Sites

3. Two of the largest islands in Germany are in this state.

4. The state has the longest coastal area of all of Germany, with over 2000 km of coast line.

5. Thanks to the glaciers, Meck-Pomm has one of the flattest landscapes in Germany with hills and cliff areas located in Rügen and in the vicinity of Rostock.

There are many other factors that make Meck-Pomm a popular attraction for tourists and therefore, the Files has a rather unique Germany Quiz, designed to give you an incentive to visit the places to be mentioned below. The quiz consists of the Matrix portion, where you can choose one or more cities to answer the questions. Here, you might want to consider looking at the cities and other places first before answering the questions to not only avoid any frustration but provide you with some ideas of where to go for your next vacation. The second and third parts are much shorter, with the latter dealing with Plattdeutsch, Lower German that is spoken in Meck-Pomm.

As the quiz is long and somewhat challenging, you should allow yourself some time to answer the questions. Therefore the answers will come on the 31st of May in the Files. This will allow plenty of time to test your knowledge with your friends and family.

So without further ado, let’s plan your trip to Meck-Pomm, shall we?  🙂


MV Cities

1. What is the capital of Mecklenburg-Pommerania?

2. What is the largest city in Meck-Pomm?

3. Which of the places in the matrix are islands?

4. Which of the places in the matrix is a lake?

5. Name two cities whose respective universities are among the oldest in Europe.

5a. Which other cities have colleges?

6. Prior to 1945, Pommerania was considered one of the states belonging to first the Prussian kingdom and later the German Empire. The eastern half was given to Poland through the usage of the Oder-Neisse border implemented by the Soviets in 1946 and respected by Helmut Kohl in 1990 at the time of German Reunification. There are six former German cities that belong to the Polish part of  Pommerania. Which ones are they?

7. Which town (mythical, according to sources) sank to the bottom of the Baltic Sea because of a major tide?

8. The Störtebeker Festival, the largest and most popular open-air action festival in Germany, can be found on which island?

9. The Ozeanum, a large maritime museum that also engages in marine reasearch, can be found in this city?

10. A museum, devoted to the works of Caspar David Friedrich, can be found in which city?

11. Which two  towns on Usedom Island are known for its mass tourism? Hint: One are located close to the Polish border.

12. The _______________, Germany’s lone narrow-gauge railroad, can be found on this island?

13. Which two places in Meck-Pomm can you experience the Slavic way of life? (Note: The Slavic tribes settled in the eastern part of Germany between the 9th and 12th Centuries before being driven away by Germanic tribes).

14. Mecklenburg Pommerania is the only state in Germany (and one of only a handful of states left in the world) that has all three types of movable bridges left standing (Swing Bridge, Vertical Lift, and Bascule). Where are they located? (Hint: please click on the highlighted links to know more about what they are and what they look like)

15. Which town in Meck-Pomm once had the longest multiple span bridge in Germany, with 20+ spans? (Today, only eight of these spans exist along the River Elbe)

16. One of the major attractions that is a must-see is one of the largest submarines ever built in Germany. This exhibit and museum is located in this city?

17. The Mecklenburg Festival, which is devoted to classic music, can be found in this city?

18. The Swedish Festival, which commemorates the conquest of the Swedes in the 1700s, can be found in which city?

19.  The widest beach in Germany (measured as 3 km from the sea to land) can be found in the area of this city? Hint: You can see the teapot lighthouse as well as one of the oldest active lighthouses along the Baltic Sea in Germany.

20. You can enjoy a fish sandwich and cheer for your favorite soccer Bundesliga team in this city?  (Also identify name of the soccer team).



1. How many castles does Mecklenburg-Pommerania have? Can you name at least three of them? 

2. Schwerin is located in the area known as the Seven Seas. True or False?

3. Which cities in Meck-Pomm have zoos and other animal parks and can you name at least one of them?

4. Rote Grütze is the German version of Jello and is the main desert in Meck-Pomm. True or False?

5. The main delicacy in Meck-Pomm is fish.  True or False?

6. The main fruit in the state, with which you can make juice or marmalade is….

a. Strawberry    b. Sandorn      c. Peach       d. Wildberries       e. Gooseberry

CAN YOU SPEAK PLATTDEUTSCH?  Guess which word is Plattdeutsch, the local language of Meck-Pomm and other parts of northern Germany. An English equivalent is provided.

1. Frau (EN: Lady/Woman)

a. Fräulein            b. Fru                c. Frilein          d. Free

2. Zeit (EN: Time)

a. Tied                  b. tiid                c. tea               d. tut

3. Haus (EN: House)

a. Houd                b. Hiess          c. Hus              d. Hoose

4. Freund (-in) (EN: Partner)

a. Uhiesscher      b. Macker       c. Freon           d. Froin

Blackheaded Seagull, typical bird to be found along the coast of Mecklenburg-Pommerania.
Blackheaded Seagull, typical bird to be found along the coast of Mecklenburg-Pommerania.

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