Wolfsburg vs. Dortmund in the German Cup Finals


May the spectacular season in the German Bundesliga become even more spectacular. A little more than a week after Jürgen Klopp, the face of the German soccer team Borussia Dortmund announced his resignation effective at the end  of this season, another rather interesting development happened in the German Cup semifinals (DFB Pokal), and this time, it occurred at a very unlikely place.

This year’s finals, scheduled for May 30th in Berlin, will not feature returning championship FC Bayern Munich, who had won the title for two straight years. Despite winning its second regular season title early last week- the second year in a row that it happened, its quest for its second straight triple crown (the Champions League Title, the German Cup and the regular season title) ended in a rather unusual manner, in the hands of Jürgen Klopp and the team in black and gold from Dortmund. Bayern, on its  own home turf, lost 3-1 in the shootout, but how it ended can be best described in the video below:


The rather comincal errors committed by Bayern Munich is still being talked about in the social media, as many anti-Bayern fans have used two soccer players slipping while kicking the ball as a platform for suggesting high heels and groundskeepers quitting. 😉  But on the flip side, many questions are being fired at Klopp, asking him “Are you sure you really REALLY want to step down?” In either case, Klopp can leave the scene as a winner in the German Cup finals, for his team will face VFL Wolfsburg, which made its game against Armenia Bielefeld in North-Rhine Westphalia look like a walk in a park on a Sunday afternoon, winning 4-0 against the Third League team destined for the Second League in the next season.  Highlights of the game are below:

Wolfsburg has already locked up its place in the Champions League for next season and is currently in a distant second place in the standings in the Bundesliga. While the team in green and white are heavily picked to win the German Cup, do not count out Klopp and Co., for although the regular season was not so spectacular, the team has played the role of Cinderella during this half of the season and may even have a shot of playing the spoiler.

And Jürgen Klopp leaving Dortmund a winner.  We’ll have to see how the results fan out. The Files will provide you with the results of the finals and the highlights. Stay tuned.

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