Germany Quiz 3: The Answers to the Questions about Bremen and Bremerhaven

Skyline of Bremerhaven. Photo courtesy of Uwe Friese. Public domain via wikipedia

After having a look at the questions and doing some research about Bremen and Bremerhaven, here are the answers to the questions posted two and a half weeks ago. You can download the Guessing Quiz here and encourage others to give it try, providing them with an incentive to visit this rather unique German city-state.

Here are the answers (all in cursive and bold print):

Freebee Questions: Guestimate the answers to the following questions below:

  1. Bremen is the smallest of the German states and city-states. It has a total of   670,000 (548,000-Bremen and 122,000-Bremerhaven)   inhabitants.
  2. In comparison with the universities/colleges in Berlin and Hamburg, Bremen (and Bremerhaven) has only  five: University of Bremen, Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, Jacobs University, Bremen University of the Arts.
  3. How many German immigrants leaving their marks on American history came from Bremen? (Hint: research in Wikipedia for the answer)   Five: Henry Bohlen, Charles Henry Nimitz, Carl Runge, Edward Voigt, and Frederick Charles Winkler- two of these men served in the Civil War

True or False?

  1. The Plot of the Bremen Town Musicians originated from Bremerhaven.   False. The animals wanted to go to Bremen but never did. More here.
  2. Bremen was once occupied by the Swedes.  True, from 1653 to 1667
  3. Beck’s brewery did not originate from Bremen, but from Hamburg.  False, Becks was founded in 1873 in Bremen
  4. Bremen was once occupied by the Americans after World War II.  True. From 1947 until the establishment of West Germany in 1949, the Americans created the free city-state of Bremen being enclaved by the British Zone
  5. Bremen is located along the Weser River. True- both Bremen and Bremerhaven
  6. Bremen has the lowest land above sea level of all of Germany. False, Bremen has the lowest high level of land of all of Germany with the highest point being only 32 meters above sea level.
  7. The soccer team SV Werder Bremen has won more soccer titles than Bayern Munich. False. Adding up the titles on the national and internation levels, Bayern Munich far outpaces Bremen 62-18. This is between 1960 and 2014.


11. The Schnoor features houses dating back to the _____A___ and sells goods from the Medieval Ages.


  1. 1300s
  2. 1400s
  3. 1500s
  4. 1600s

12. The Schlachte features a combination of a promenade of shops  (hint: sight seeing) and eateries and bars  (hint: beer and food) along the Weser River.

13. The Bremen Houses (Bremer Häuser) features a three-story family house built between the 1880s  and the 1930s.

14. The ______A__________ is the oldest church in Bremen. It was built in the ______B________ but has glass murals dating to the _______C______.


  1. Peter’s Cathedral
  2. The Church of Our Lady
  3. Nicholas Church
  4. Benedict


  1. 900s
  2. 1000s
  3. 1100s
  4. 1200s
  5. 1300s


  1. 1100s
  2. 1200s
  3. 1300s
  4. 1400s

15. A famous dish for Bremen is the Gruenkohl and Pinkel. It features Sausage, Potatoes, bacon, spiced green cabbage and onions.

16. The most common vegetable found in Bremen is (in German): ___________________.

  1. Grünkohl
  2. Rotkohl
  3. Braunkohl
  4. Weissenkohl

17. The Bremerhaven Sail International Festival takes place in August every 4-5 years and features many varieties of sailing vessels. It was founded in 1986.

18. Das Deutsche Auswanderhaus in Bremerhaven was founded in 1852  and its function was to assist in allowing 1.3 million Germans to do what? Emigrate to America

Note: 1.3 million Germans emigrated to the New World by 1890; 7.2 million by 1950.

19. Bremerhaven was founded by Johann _____________

  1. Smith
  2. Schmidt
  3. Smidt
  4. Smithers
  5. Schmiedt
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