Germany Quiz 3: What to Know About Bremen/ Bremerhaven

Bremer Stadtzentrum. Photographed by Jürgen Howaldt Link:

After examining some interesting facts about Hamburg, we will now travel two hours by train going west to another German City-State, the Hanseatic Free City of Bremen. Consisting of Bremen and Bremerhaven, the city state is the lone one that has two separate districts located kilometers apart from each other but are governed by one entity. That means that Bremerhaven, located at the North Sea at the mouth of one of the key rivers is governed by Bremen, located 70 km south of there. With a combined population of 680,000 inhabitants, Bremen is the smallest of the German City-States as well as the German states, behind Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt. However, don’t let the size and population fool you, as Bremen prides itself on its own heritage. The city has been conquered by as many as six countries during its 1,000 years of existence, but has an identity of its own, priding itself on its food, architecture, science and technology, marina, and even literature. The Bremen Town Musicians (Bremer Stadtmusikaner) was created by the Grimm brothers and is one of the most popular literary pieces in Germany as well as on the international level.

But what do we really know about Bremen (and Bremerhaven)? Try out this quiz and find out about it. Some of the answers to be presented on 19 April will take you by surprise, perhaps giving you an incentive to visit the city-state on your next vacation.  Viel Spaß beim Quizzen! 🙂

Freebee Questions: Guestimate the answers to the following questions below:

  1. Bremen is the smallest of the German states and city-states. It has a total of _______________ inhabitants.
  2. In comparison with the universities/colleges in Berlin and Hamburg, Bremen (and Bremerhaven) has only __________.
  3. How many German immigrants leaving their marks on American history came from Bremen? (Hint: research in Wikipedia for the answer)

True or False?

  1. The Plot of the Bremen Town Musicians originated from Bremerhaven.
  2. Bremen was once occupied by the Swedes.
  3. Beck’s brewery did not originate from Bremen, but from Hamburg.
  4. Bremen was once occupied by the Americans after World War II.
  5. Bremen is located along the Weser River.
  6. Bremen has the lowest land above sea level of all of Germany.
  7. The soccer team SV Werder Bremen has won more soccer titles than Bayern Munich.


The Schnoor features houses dating back to the _____A___ and sells goods from the __________B___________.


  1. 1300s
  2. 1400s
  3. 1500s
  4. 1600s

The Schlachte features a combination of __________________ (hint: sight seeing) and _________________ (hint: beer and food) along the Weser River.

The Bremen Houses (Bremer Häuser) features _________-story family house built between ___________ and ____________.

The ______A__________ is the oldest church in Bremen. It was built in the ______B________ but has glass murals dating to the _______C______.


  1. Peter’s Cathedral
  2. The Church of Our Lady
  3. Nicholas Church
  4. Benedict


  1. 900s
  2. 1000s
  3. 1100s
  4. 1200s
  5. 1300s


  1. 1100s
  2. 1200s
  3. 1300s
  4. 1400s

A famous dish for Bremen is the Gruenkohl and Pinkel. It features _______________, _________________, and _______________.

The most common vegetable found in Bremen is (in German): ___________________.

  1. Grünkohl
  2. Rotkohl
  3. Braunkohl
  4. Weissenkohl

The Bremerhaven Sail International Festival takes place in _____________ and features many varieties of _______________. It was founded in _______________.

Das Deutsche Auswanderhaus in Bremerhaven was founded in 18___ and its function was to assist in allowing 1.3 million Germans to do what?

Bremerhaven was founded by Johann _____________

  1. Smith
  2. Schmidt
  3. Smidt
  4. Smithers
  5. Schmiedt

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