Odds and Ends: 10 March, 2015

German Avenues

The Flensburg Files’ upgrade to website status is finally finished. Before moving on to more articles and upgrading the sister column the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, there are a few minor items to take care of with regards to the Files’ website. The information on the new features and changes to the Files from the very first entry will remain as is. Information about this can be found here.  A couple other items of importance is as follows:

1. There is an index of links that can be found at the foot end of the website, featuring on the left side, a guide to German and English news links and other interesting themes involving German-American-Multicultural affairs, in the middle the Files’ twitter and meta links and on the right, access to the Files’ photo pages on flickr and facebook. For the photo pages, click on the bird photo and you’ll land in the photo gallery of each page.

2. A couple additional pages were created and can be found in the bar section at the home page, each one containing a summary of what will be included. This includes the page on Germany at 25 years, where all articles pertaining to the Fall of the Wall, right up to German Reunification produced for the Files will be included there. This includes articles written in the blog version of the Files.

3. The Files’ facebook pages have been separated. The Files’ group page will focus on topics, discussions, and articles pertaining to the northern half of Germany, including the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, as well as the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen, just to name a few. Danish topics are also welcome. If interested in meeting new people and sharing some interesting info and photos about a region worth visiting, click here and join.  The Files’ main facebook page will continue to feature all articles posted by the Files but also articles from other sources that deal with German-American-Multicultural themes as well as tips for expatriates looking to live in Germany or America. Click here and like the Files on facebook to receive a daily dose of information from the Files.

FF 25 Logo

Germany at 25:

In connection with Germany’s 25th birthday, the Flensburg Files will have a look at the Bundesrepublik and how it has changed over the course of these years. Apart from some interviews and stories from people living in Germany, two of the main features that will be presented by the Files’ in association with this special event include a quiz to test your knowledge on all 16 German states and city-states. Already posted is the first quiz about the northernmost state in the county, Schleswig-Holstein, which you can find here and under the page Germany at 25. The answers will be presented in two weeks on the 24th with a quiz on another state in the works.  The other will feature 25 things that make Germany a unique place worth looking at it. This includes topics involving the way of life, food and other items that stick out is unique in comparison to other countries. This includes beer, bratwurst, Polterabend, Zuckertüte, etc. Already, some suggestions have been collected by many people, and the author is open to other themes worth writing about. If there is a topic that is not mentioned often by the media but is worth writing about, please let me know.

And with the final comments, we’re now off to put the pen and plow to work. There’s a lot to experience and write about. Stay tuned for more to come. 🙂

FF new logo1


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