Germany Quiz 1: What to know about Schleswig-Holstein

The clipper ship Passat at its port and museum in Travemünde (near Lübeck). Photo taken in 2013
The clipper ship Passat at its port and museum in Travemünde (near Lübeck). Photo taken in 2013

Starting off the series on Germany at 25 and a look at each of the German states, we will now have our first look at the northernmost state of the country, Schleswig-Holstein. Bordered by two seas, as well as Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Hamburg and neighboring country Denmark, the German state consisted of two kingdoms that merged in 1544: The Duchy of Schleswig in the northern half and the Duchy of Holstein in the southern and eastern part. And although the border extended north into southern Jutland because of the Prussian victory over the Danes in 1864 (consisting of the Danish towns of Kolding, Sondernburg and Esjeberg), the present border, extending west from Flensburg towards Sylt has been in place since 1919 (not counting Adolf Hitler’s conquest during the Third Reich). The country is one of the most cosmopolitan in Germany as up to 40% of the population consist of the Danish minority, as well as people with a Frisian background and immigrants from other countries. Even some pockets of American expatriates can be found in some communities in the state. Each district and community has its own identity, culture and history worth exploring and speaking from the author’s experience, once you visit Schleswig-Holstein once, you want to visit it again, regardless of whether you want to visit the same part of the state again or different areas, hence picking up some statements and the famous greeting: “Moin Moin!” 🙂

This article features a guessing quiz on what you want to know about Schleswig-Holstein- 25 questions in all, ten of which are in connection with the matrix activity involving the state’s famous communities. If you want to test your knowledge, take the quiz with your friends and family and share the information with others. You will find the answers to the questions by clicking here. If you have any questions, contact the Files using the contact details in the webpage or by sending a facebook message.  Viel Spass und viel Glück! 🙂


Mähtrix Schleswig Holstein graph

Use the following communities in the matrix to answer the first 10 questions:


  1. What’s the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein


  1. Which of these communities is NOT a community but an island?


  1. List the communities in order from largest to smallest in terms of population.



  1. Which community has the highest concentration of Danish people in Germany?


  1. Which community was established by the Dutch?


  1. Which community is famous for its chalk hills and is the site of Karl Mey’s Cowboys and Indians Show (a.k.a. Winnetou)?


  1. You’ll never be a full-fledged international tourist unless you visit this community with its historic city center (a UNESCO site, BTW) and try the world famous marzipan candy. Name this town in Schleswig-Holstein.


  1. “Moinson!” German actor Axel Prahl, who plays Thiel in the ARD mystery series “Tatort” (Crime Scene in EN) is originally a Schleswig-Holsteiner, originating from which community? (Note: It has a fine castle).


  1. Which two communities have a premere league handball team and what are their official team names? (Hint: The Files has profiled them in many occasions since its inception in 2010)


  1. Which community is famous for its “Kornschnapps” (EN: grain schnapps)?




 Which river in Schleswig-Holstein is the longest?

   a. Trave      b. Treene        c. Träne          d. Tine      

 e. Schwentine      f. Eider


  1. How many castles does Schleswig-Holstein have, and can you name two of them? (Hint: Eutin has one so it does not count)


  1. The last of the coal-fired steamboat exists in Germany and is still in operation in Flensburg. What’s the name of the ship?


 a. Alexandra           b. Bertha        c. Clara          

  d. Dora           e. Euphremia             f. Flora                

   g. Greta          h. Helena        i. Illonka         j. Johanna


  1. The Kiel Canal (a.k.a. Grand Canal) is a waterway built in 1895 connecting which two cities and their two seas? Schleswig-Holstein is bordered by these two seas.


  1. The Grand Canal replaced the canal that followed the Treene River. True or False?


  1. Name two of ten bridges over the Grand Canal. One of whom has received many accolades for its engineering wonder. (Hint: Sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles did a report on this theme)


  1. Uwe Barschel, a Social Democrat, resigned from his post as prime minister amid a scandal on October 2, 1987. Nine days later, his body was found at a luxury hotel in which city?

   a. Munich        b. Berlin          c. Amsterdam            

    d. Berne          e. Geneva          f. Vienna        

    g. Budapest    h. Paris               i. Prague         j. New York


  1. The 1972 Summer Olympics took place in Kiel. True, False, or Naja?


  1. Which German cartoon character originated from Schleswig-Holstein?
    1. Die Wilde Kerle (The Wild Boys)
    2. Werner
    3. Wallace and Gromit


  1. Which annual festival in Schleswig-Holstein does NOT exist?
    1. Apple Festival in Glücksburg (near Flensburg)
    2. The International Yacht Festival in Kiel
    3. International Kite-flying Festival in Travemünde (near Lübeck)
    4. Crocus Flower Pagent in Husum
    5. Tulip Festival in Friedrichstadt


  1. You’re not a true Schleswig-Holsteiner unless you try one of the two local specialties (a.) and a good (b.) beer.





  1. Fehmarn Island is the flattest island in Germany. True or False?


  1. The Fehmarn Bridge, built in 1963, was the first bridge in the world to use this design?

           Hint: The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has this bridge as its logo:

bhc new logo jpeg


  1. Peter-Ording is a popular health span resort namely because of of the discovery of which mineral in a geyser discovered in 1953?   a.Salt       b. Petroleum     c. Sulphur       d. Nitrate        e. Hydrogen


  1. How many universities and colleges exist in Schleswig-Holstein? Can you name two of them?


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7 thoughts on “Germany Quiz 1: What to know about Schleswig-Holstein

  1. Reblogged this on THE FLENSBURG FILES and commented:

    In 2015, I started a series on quizzes on German states in English with the purpose of getting people acquainted with the country and the region they are living in. It’s also useful for German classes of any kind because it encourages students to embrace Germany, its regions and cultures, especially if some of them wish to visit the country someday. It’s still an ongoing project for there are many states left to cover. Still, I would like to introduce you to the first one I did on the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein. For those who are new to the region, it should give you an introduction to what the state has to offer. For the rest, it’s a test of knowledge versus some facts that you wouldn’t know about until you tried it. In any case, try it out and then click onto the link that will lead you to the answer sheet. Have fun with this quiz! 🙂


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