Glucksburg Castle

One of the jewels of the Holnis Peninsula, the Castle at Glucksburg, located on Lake Glucksburg near the town’s city center, is the symbol of unity between Germany and Scandanavia. It is also the symbol of the town of Glucksburg, located between Flensburg and the northernmost tip of the peninsula. Built under the direction of John the Great, son of Danish King Christian III in 1587, it has withstood the test of time for 425 years, going through five generations of kingdoms consisting of the royalties of Denmark and Saxony before becoming part of the kingdom today, the kingdom of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg. Up until the defeat of the German empire in 1918, the castle was inhabited by the powerful royalty, using it partially as a permanent place of residence and partially as summer residence. This included Pricess Augusta-Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustinburg and her sister, Caroline-Mathilda, who was married to Prince Ferdinand. Between 1898 until their forced exile in 1919, the castle was a platform for many summer gatherings, making Glucksburg a popular place to visit.  The current tenant of the castle, Prince Christoph of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg is the great-grandson of Caroline-Mathilda.

Today, the castle serves as a museum, with tens of thousands of tourists visiting it each year. It still retains its original form, allowing people to visit four stories worth of history inside the white walls, overlooking the lake on all four sides. Apart from the guest rooms and dining halls, the castle houses a chapel, where wedding ceremonies still take place every year. It also has a dungeon in the cellar, where Prussians made extensive use of it during the conquest of Schleswig-Holstein in torturing its prisoners. Relicts from that period still exist today.  The courtyard located on land still serves its function as a venue for many festivals that take place every year. The castle and the courtyard were once accessible through only one stone arch bridge built in 1859. Earlier this year, another bridge was built connecting the castle with the Rosarium, a gardens area located just east of the castle.

But if one is intimidated by the fact that no photography and filming is allowed inside the castle, or if the tour is very long (from experience, it takes 2-3 hours), then the view of the castle from the outside is enough for people to see and to photograph. The castle can be seen from any end of Lake Glucksburg as well as from the main highway connecting Holnis and Flensburg. How impressive are the views, perhaps these photos will help you. My wife and I compiled some photos of the castle that will convince you that the next time you are in the Holnis vicinity, that a stop at Glucksburg and the castle is well worth it.

Here’s a link to some more information about the castle:


The castle courtyard. A restaurant, tourist information center and souvenir shop now occupies these buildings
Bridge leading to the castle courtyard

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